RH1 Project


Audi US Marketing division expresses interest in supporting the RH1.
After our attending Miami Art Basel and seeing Audi’s sponsorship of the design exhibit we contacted their US marketing division in the hopes of having RH1 as part of Audi’s exhibit. More to come.


Two years ago, Hong+Rendell combine our talents in a startup and formed RH1 Project. Our business focus is to apply smart design to common products with strong attention to detail.
Under current development is an ultra-light, high performance non-motorized scooter. The scooter is conceived as an adult lifestyle product, designed as a middle distance urban transportation platform as well as a high performance recreational alternative.


Our question was how to remake this familiar form into a “cool tool” that could recast its image into a vehicle that would near rival the performance a bicycle. How can it be made into a viable urban transportation alternative without using electronic power? To address these issues it would need to incorporate the following:

Very light, under 8 lbs. 
Small frontal area with an aerodynamic profile.
Stopping power with front and rear brakes.
A wheel diameter appropriate to its performance expectations. 
Safe on an irregular road surface.
Low center of gravity for great handling.

The scooter is being developed with a carbon composite frame, fork and foot bed.  It rolls on pneumatic high pressure tires similar to those found on racing bicycles and braking is provided by front and rear center pull rim brakes recessed and shrouded behind contoured access ports on the forks.  Brake cables are routed internally within the frame providing a clean aerodynamic surface. The estimated total weight is under eight pounds.